Farmhouse Friday


A farmhouse with wood paddle cutting boards go hand in hand in my opinion. The majority of our kitchen is white. White cabinets with classic white subway tile. If you know me much, that’s no surprise. Wink. I do love me some white goodness. A lot. Yet, I also love having the added warmth of some natural wood scattered throughout. You may ask, so how does that work? Well, one of the main ways I do this is with these oversized paddle cutting boards. They are functional and beautiful. Win and win. Honestly, natural wood looks lovely in a home full of warm colors as well. So whether you’re a white lover or into warmer tones try adding these pieces to your kitchen collection. I think you’ll find them to give just the right amount of natural beauty the space needs. Thanks for coming by The White Barn Farm weekly “Farmhouse Friday.” See you next week!