Okay Y’all…or is it Ya’ll?!? Read on…


HELLO. Alright peeps. Let’s get real for a moment. Here is the deal. The official way to spell “Y’all” is just.like.that….not Ya’ll.

I’ve learned this by a much trusted Texan friend who kindly informed me after I was thoroughly confused because of all the misused ways y’all were using it on my social media accounts. BTW-I’m guilty as charged. I honestly couldn’t get it straight without second guessing myself each time I used it. And “why did I use it” in the first place you may ask?… Well good question. So I ask, “Why do you use it?”  For me, it’s just plain fun to say! Gettin’ in touch with my inner Texan soul I suppose. Or rather, I should say my inner Joanna Gaines. Come on, don’t leave me hanging. You get me, right? It’s fun to say and looks cool (when used right) to boot.

So there you have it. All cleared up now? I like to remember that it is truly Y’all because you are taking out the ‘O-U’ for the YOU ALL. It makes a fun twang voice to say Y’all. It’s not correct to actually spell “YA” rather only to say it in a slang twang is correct. Therefore, Ya’ll wouldn’t make sense to spell.

So in a nutshell. Think of taking out the O-U with the and you will be good to go every time! And if you really want to get in the game you can add an extra ALL and start saying “all y’all”. Isn’t that some awesome sauce?!

Thanks for coming by all y’all to hear the correct way to communicate YOU ALL on social media when we like to engage our farm lovin’ roots.  Aren’t you glad you came by today? I sure am. At least all y’all will get it right now and we can break the trend. We’ve all done it. Okay, well I have done it. This is really just a reminder for me. wink. Have a great second half of your week y’all!