Our Local- Studio B Jewelry and Gifts


I’m so excited to share another favorite “Our Local” with you this month. Studio B Jewelry and Gifts is located in the quaint town of Cashmere, WA. You can venture into this darling shop on 101 Cottage Avenue, Cashmere WA 98815. Owner, Brenda Mcgowan has phenomenal gifting in jewelry making. Gorgeous jewelry fills her shop throughout darling displays. She also has super cute WA state tees, mugs, scarves, pillows, tea-towels, bags and much more! I purchased a “this is my adventure mug” from here and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it on our family vacation days this summer. I have a growing ‘wishlist’ each time I go in. Go by and see for yourself!












Thanks for coming by the blog today for this months, “Our Local”. Let’s go adventuring.


Farmhouse Friday

IMG_0173 (1)

Baskets. Baskets and more baskets. We use baskets of all shapes and sizes around the home to store anything and everything. Even sweet potatoes! There’s something about fresh produce in a wire basket that speaks to my heart. I love seeing the produce we will enjoy as a family that week. It brings me back to our roots of a simple life out on the farm and enjoying the harvest. Psst Secret… I don’t have a garden or farm that produces such bounty, (maybe someday?!) but I can still enjoy the beauty of organic produce from other local farmers in our community. Speaking of, if you missed it, go see “Our Local” post yesterday for ways you can support local growers.  Have a wonderful Farmhouse Friday, friends. We appreciate you being here!

Our Local- Rhubarb Market


The Rhubarb Market is located at 1202 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801. I am loving this local market! They support local farmers and value an organic whole food lifestyle. Feeding the body real food. Thank you Rhubarb Market for working hard to bring good food into our homes! They also are apart of the CSA program. You can get a box each week throughout the year (pick up either Wednesday or Thursday) with fresh local produce, as well as recipes with ideas on how to use what is included for that week. Isn’t that fabulous?! The CSA starts June 7th 2017, and if you sign up by May 31st you get 5% off for the year. So go check it out and benefit from the greatness of our local farmers! For all of you out-of-towners there are sure to be ways to support your very own local farmers as well. Take the time to research. I know you’ll be blessed and the farmers in your very own “local” will be too!




Oh yes, it’s true. J5 coffee is here too! The best of the best. Go get yourself a freshly roasted bag. It’s delish. Or, for all you coffee lovers, you can sign up to have a bag put into your box each week when you sign up for CSA. BOOM. Can it get any better? I think not.



You guys! The local raw honey. Ummm, yes please. It is so good! The kids (and me to be honest) are loving dipping their veggies, almonds, pecans, and cashews in it for snacks. It’s fabulous for baking and in tea/coffee too. Go get yourself a batch. You’ll love it!

They have a small refrigerated section with a variety of vegan options, farm fresh eggs, and milk. We get our raw milk here from Pride and Joy Farms. It is AmAzInG! A little glass goes down real nice I tell ya.

Follow Rhubarb Market on Facebook and Instagram for updates and local events. I just saw homemade Tamales can be pre-ordered for pick up. Can I get a woot woot! Get your order in today!

Thanks for coming by the blog today for ‘Our Local,’ friends! Happy shopping and supporting ‘Our Local’. Love where you live and love those you live with.


Farmhouse Friday


Home. Our home. Each spring our valley is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and fresh green hills. It truly is a fairytale. Today’s Farmhouse Friday is taking a look at where we call home in hopes to encourage you to take a walk and see the beauty where you live. It may or may not be a picture perfect place with rollings hills, rivers, and orchards, but it is home. Your home. Your local. And that is beautiful. Your home is what you make of it and how you choose to view it. Make it a blessing by seeking the blessing. Set your mind towards it. Search for it. It’s there. I promise. You may struggle to find something to see as a blessing. But it’ll be worth the fight. Something wonderful will be born in your heart and overflow into your home. So today let us embrace the gift of where we each call home. Bless your home, friends, and Happy Farmhouse Friday. It’s always a joy to have you.

Our Local- The Gilded Lilly Home


This month The White Barn Farm is featuring  The Gilded Lilly. Located at 2 North Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801 The Gilded Lilly Home has been owned by Dr. Ball for the past 18 years. He is a dentist in town, yet also has a deep passion for his shop on the Avenue and online as well.  The Gilded Lilly Home is full of beautiful decor for your home and stylish apparel for women and children. Some of the items the shop includes are table linens, light fixtures, dining furniture, hutches, cooking seasonings, and a variety of kitchen items. Plus a children’s section. Swing on in to browse this gorgeously displayed gift shop. Or search online from the comfort of your home. Either way I am confident you will have a delightful time shopping. I’ve featured some of the items via the following pictures as I strolled through this month. Take in mind that I just have my phone for pictures so the quality of images are top notch, but you get the idea. Obviously the best resource will be for you to go see for yourself! After all, that’s what our monthly ‘Our Local’ features are all about… getting you informed of all our dear hometown has to offer. Get out and shop local my friends.

Take a ‘scroll’ through the pictures and see for yourself…wow, I mean wow, dreamy right!?























I know…hurry, make your way there for your next gift you need to buy. There’s something for just about everyone.

Or just go find something special for yourself. Like I did with this “Today’s special” platter and “Farm to Fork” serving fork. How fitting, right! I love it.


Shop local. It feels good.

Our Local- Tumbleweed


I am excited to share with you “Our Local”- Tumbleweed for the month of February here on The White Barn Farm. Each month it is a joy to explore our Valley in hopes to share with you our talented local shops and designers! So today we take a look at this adorable shop which has two locations: One in Wenatchee and the other in Leavenworth,WA. Here is the link to their website for additional information and another beautiful look at their specialty goods.

I will be showing you some of the unique items found in the shop on 105 Palouse street, Wenatchee, WA 98801. I’m tellin’ you, you have got to take a look for yourself if you haven’t already. It is a darling boutique that features a variety of handmade goods, gifts, jewelry, baby goods, drink-ware, and much so more!










So if you live local, I know where you will be headed this week. You will love it! Make sure to tell them The White Barn Farm sent you and say “hi” for me! The owners and staff are as sweet as their shop. You’ll love it! If you aren’t local and reading this, feel free to follow the link to Tumbleweed website for some online shopping. You will be lead to their Tumbleweed Bead co Etsy shop for handcrafted earrings, necklaces, rings, and bangles. So cute!

In fact, look what I purchased at Tumbleweed…simply elegant rose gold. I love them and have worn them everyday since!


Thanks for coming by to see Our Local, friends. We are thankful for you, and we’re excited to join together to support small businesses and encourage one another to shop local. Have a wonderful week!


Our Local- Simply Unique


Hello! Here is “Our Local” feature for January. Yay! For those of you new to my blog, I love Local and I love small businesses. So one of the main reasons The White Barn Farm exists is to bring to light some of our very own local businesses here in the Wenatchee Valley. Each month I enjoy featuring at least one local business to let y’all know about. It is my hope you will stop by their shops for some inspiration for yourself as well! Any business I feature will always be one of my favorite places to find special treasures to make a beautiful, flourishing heart and home.

Simply Unique is a thrift store for the creative at heart. Located at 201 S. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801 this store is a great place to swing by for ‘the hunt’ items you may have on your wish lists.

This is the door that greets you as you enter… “hello”…I feel welcome already, don’t you?


Here are some of the various items on display and for sale this month… I encourage you to stop on by and take a look for yourself. It’s fun!


Look at this! Chippy white chest. ummm, LOVE!


There are usually a variety of old barn wood doors, ladders, shudders etc. Great for adding texture to your walls, corners, and to use as headboards!


Take a look at these light fixtures, aren’t they AmAzInG?!





With so many vendors you’ll be sure to find something of interest as you wander through. I love ‘the hunt’ aspect of thrift shops. It makes finding the deal that much more fun! How about you?


Thanks for coming by today to see more about our very own local, “Simply Unique.”  Here is their website link as well. As you can see above, there is something for everyone! Happy shopping to you!


Farmhouse Friday


It’s time for our weekly Farmhouse Friday! Now look at this…so fitting, right? I found this caddy and fell in love. Farmhouse AND Local on it. I just had to make it apart of our home. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve used it for flowers (placed in mason jars and set inside), serving silverware, snacks, paper products, or simply empty and looking all adores by itself. What do you like to use your caddy’s for around your house? I’m eager to hear more ideas from you too! Lastly, I really love having you here and sharing in our story. Thank you for coming by today, friends.

Our Local- ‘Gather’

You guys, if you haven’t been to Gather located at 23 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA you have been missing out! It is one of my favorite spots to shop and gather.

img_1399This store is packed full of beautiful things.  And all the while gorgeously displayed on creative vintage pieces.  There is home decor, seasonal items, clothing, jewelry, lotions, candles, and more.

img_1391This display of lotions, candles, and decor greet you atop a massive vintage spool. So amazing.  The warm glow of the several gorgeous chandeliers make you want to stand still and take in all in…slowly.


img_1396I purchased this Linen Water spray “Washed Cotton.” It’s a lovely ‘freshen-up’ to our sheets, as well as, in preparation for the guest bedroom.

img_1395Look at this cute little glitter house! Now this could make any girl in your life smile.


Another amazing feature about Gather is that they have a space in the back to host events… bridal showers, baby showers, work parties, birthday parties, ladies night out etc.  Isn’t it lovely?!  I was in on a day she was switching out the linens from an even the night before, but you can still see the beauty in this space.


Head on down to Gather this season or plan your next event there, you won’t regret it.  Or for those of you out-of-towners shop the online store .  Merry Christmas and happy shopping! Thanks for coming by “Our Local” today on the blog, I’m so happy you did!

Our Local- ‘The Kitchen Sync’

Welcome, thanks for coming by today! It’s just in time to wrap up some final Christmas shopping that you may have.  Our Local business to highlight today is The Kitchen Sync.  Located at 21 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA.


This darling shop is where you can find all things related to…you guessed it, kitchen;  Including dishes, utensils, knives, dish towels, aprons, cookware and more!


There are tons of great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer ideas too!


Check these out… I mean, mixed metals in cookware! Wouldn’t we all say, “Yes please!”

So if you know anyone who…hmmm, let’s just say, eats, then head downtown and support this local business.  Merry cooking to you!