Farmhouse Friday


Home. Our home. Each spring our valley is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and fresh green hills. It truly is a fairytale. Today’s Farmhouse Friday is taking a look at where we call home in hopes to encourage you to take a walk and see the beauty where you live. It may or may not be a picture perfect place with rollings hills, rivers, and orchards, but it is home. Your home. Your local. And that is beautiful. Your home is what you make of it and how you choose to view it. Make it a blessing by seeking the blessing. Set your mind towards it. Search for it. It’s there. I promise. You may struggle to find something to see as a blessing. But it’ll be worth the fight. Something wonderful will be born in your heart and overflow into your home. So today let us embrace the gift of where we each call home. Bless your home, friends, and Happy Farmhouse Friday. It’s always a joy to have you.