A Touch of Farmhouse Charm


I’ve been reading this DIY book by Liz Fourez this month. I love it all! I’m super excited to start some of these projects and share them with you in the days ahead. I love how the ideas and talents of others spur me on to further create and dream for us here at The White Barn Farm. What a fun adventure to share together. Thanks for being here and such a significant part of our journey!

Keeping it Sweet and Simple #valentines


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I wanted to share with you a simple, budget friendly means to celebrate the day with your littles. I like to keep things simplified whenever possible. So part of the way I decorate and celebrate is with simple designs and ideas. It makes it more doable for me, replicable for others, and inspirational for all of us.

This year I found these darling gift sacks to put a couple special items in for each child. The ones that appear ‘plain’ actually have small pink hearts on them. Obviously I am still learning how to take quality photographs. lol.


I literally put just a few heart shaped chocolates and a pack of pink bubble gum. I had to stick (no pun intended) with the pink theme for the occasion. That’s it! Sweet and simple. We don’t have an over abundance of treats at our home on a regular basis so for us this works. My kids will love it. I figure if I keep it sweet and simple through the little years the expectations won’t drown me as they get older and we can practice being easily blessed as a family. Simple blessings in the everyday ordinary. That is what makes this life extra-ordinary, right?


I plan to set the table with each Valentine sack at the kids’ place setting. We will have a fun breakfast Valentine’s Day morning as well. Maybe I’ll attempt heart shaped pancakes, aaaand that’s a big maybe. It could be entertaining to say the least. Ha! Or I’ll make pancakes and put red berries on top instead. That will probably be more of a reality.

Just remember; It’s in the thought and effort mamas. Not in the perfection. Our kids won’t remember what we get them each year or what extravagant meal we made them, but rather they will remember the heart of the the one whom gave it to them. Was it a heart that was cold, run-down, angry, anxious, easy irritated?…or a heart that was warm, welcoming, loving, energized, joyful, and at peace. It’s my prayer I will be the latter. Honestly not every moment I am, but that is the deepest desire of my heart.


I hope this blog post will encourage you to be okay with ‘keeping it sweet and simple’ this Valentines Day and focus more on the heart of the giver. That’s you. And that’s me. Love your littles, dear friends. They need it, in the simplest of ways. Happy (soon) Valentine’s Day.

Gather & Give Thanks

Thanksgiving week is here!

This is one of our favorite Holidays here at The White Barn Farm.  How about for you?!  For us it marks the end of corn stalks, bright colored leaves, & warm apple cider and it is the begining of snowflakes, twinkling lights, & peppermint hot cocoa.

There is something so sweet about the last bit of the fall season that makes my heart happy.  The spiced pumpkins smells while we retell the first Thanksgiving story allows us to slow down to reflect on how we have been richly blessed and provided for. No matter what the ups and downs of the year are this is a time to take notice of how we can choose to be thankful. As each year passes I am learning how choosing thanks brings about greater joy in the everyday.  I want to truly know joy.  How about you?

It is especially significant for our family to often set aside moments to remember all that we can be thankful for.  So here’s a look into the hearts of our Lil’ Mac kids with a list of some of what their ‘Gathering and Giving Thanks’ list looked like this year; It’s simple and yet important to practice giving thanks for the everyday provisions: I can learn from them indeed.

Jesus, daddy, mommy, food, our beds, gma, gpa, popii, nani, all our cousins, Aunties and Uncles, our church, friends, candy, house, car, bikes, clothes, the park to play, fuzzy bear, blankie, bunny, doggy, our neighbors, cookies, the library, books, movies, cat, ice-cream, dogs, horses to ride and help train, baths.

Enjoy gathering and giving thanks today and always. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Farmhouse Friday

Farmhouse Friday’s will be a time to give you a glimpse into our home and my Farmhouse, Barn-Style Livin’ love.  It’s always a joy to see all of your gorgeous vignettes via instagram and blogs so I hope these will inspire you as well. Thanks for stopping by at The White Barn Farm ‘Farmhouse Friday’. Have a blessed weekend friends!img_8286

Let’s Dance

Placeholder ImageAren’t there just some days you need to crank up the music and say, “Let’s Dance!”  There are definitely those moments around our house.  Especially when cleaning is involved. ha! Music makes all tasks seem better when getting your groove on, right?!  Tell me I’m not the only one who belts out in song and twirls around the house with two mopping towels under my feet.  You should try it. It may surprise you how fun cleaning can actually be!  And here’s the main kicker…shhhh (the kids think its fun too!).  And if you can get the kids involved, you’ve just accomplished something great.  Memories are made and keeping a home tidy, organized, and clean is made fun.  Win, win and win.

Twirl on over with me to this thought….wouldn’t dance lessons be so fun to take with your spouse?  This is on my someday bucket list with my man.  Like real dancing.  I’ve always wanted to learn a few ‘legit steps’ on the dance floor beside my go-to sway, grocery cart, lawn mower, moon walk, and raise the roof. Yes, I grew up in the 90’s.  Letting go and dancing is a fun way to take a break from the mundane and live with a little more pep in your step while at home.

Come on, turn the music up and, “Let’s Dance.”  You, your home, and your lil’ people will be happy you do.  Oh, and don’t forget your hubs would like a little dance too I’m sure. wink.

Okay so go on out, grab a few friends, and find your ‘professional local couples dance studio’ (ummm yes, we may have to check the Senior Center or Community Grange Hall. Lol.)… maybe your husband will ‘Christmas Gift’ you with him showing up to a few lessons with you. Then at next years Christmas party or family wedding there will be no excuses for standing in the corner for either of you.  It would be a hoot.

Here are some of my most often played Stations and Artists on our Pandora and Spotify:  Let me know some of yours too!

*Dance Cardio or Kids Bop– Good for ‘getting down and getting clean’

*Elevation worship or Vertical Church Band– Encouraging belt it praise songs

*Frank Sinatra– Classic, good for the soul for those ‘have a little fun’ moments

*Adele– Can’t go wrong with her. ever.

*Roo Panes and Ben Rector– Great chill, have friends over tunes

*Johnnyswim–  All the time, anytime.  Take me to a concert please! Silos ’17?!

*Country Love Songs– Sappy date night music, can someone say… “Get my boots and let’s stroll a country road together hand in hand”


img_0911This week we had our annual “Fall Back” time change.  Why we still do this in our neck-of-the-woods with our current culture and technological age of farming I have yet to discover. (Here’s a link to the original ‘why’ it all began if  you’re so inclined to learn). However, this year I appreciate it more as I reflect on the original purpose of it.

To awake before dawn, as a hard working farming family, I see how the extra hour of long sunlight in the work day was a blessing to kick off the planting season.  Then each Fall I am certain the shift back of the hour offered a sweet relief in the work day as the closing darkness at the end of the day crept into the cold winter months.

I don’t have a milking cow, named Annabelle, to tend to in the wee hours of the morning Although I think that would be an exciting addition in my future, wink wink. Can someone say “Fresh Milk and cookies!?”  Nor acres of seed to get into the ground each spring or home-grown produce to harvest each summer/fall.  Yet, I still stand in awe at the sunrise each morning.  So I do appreciate the time change.  The opportunity to see a glimpse of God’s creativity is something to be thankful for at each new dawn.  A wondrous reminder that He is God, I am His, He is in control, He has a plan, and He makes no mistakes.  Time is in His hands.