The School Room and so much more…

Wait, you homeschool with four children seven and under?!  Yes, yes I do. Stop, don’t leave! I’m not going to start making every post about what curriculum is best, or what books to read, or what denim skirt looks best to wear with your bun and scrunchy (eek, do they still make those things)? I promise. Hmm, come to think of it my daughter is on a side bun kick lately. Yikes, that’s for consideration another time. Lol, wink.

I totally get that homeschooling is not for everyone. And that is a very good thing. We are all made beautifully unique. Wherever you are at…to the ends of the earth.  With that said, I simply hope this post will encourage all of you mamas out there to love your little ones well by creating a space for them to imagine, dream, and learn. They are a gift to us. Teach them well through giving them the gift of learning. In whatever capacity that may be. We all spend a lifetime of learning. Yes, all of us. Let’s embrace learning together again. I know I have much to learn!

So for us this is a year of homeschooling. And we love it. That’s my motto- One year at a time. I can handle that. One single year, month, day, and if I’m honest with myself, moment at a time.  Breathe in, breathe out. By God’s grace we are taking it a year at a time. And truth be told…it is a joy and honor for me right now.

Here is a look at where we spend a good portion of our day…It is a room that works hard for our family as it puts on several hats including: office, playroom, daddy wrestling room, crafting, story times, guest room, and school room.



A reading corner in a TeePee? Why not! Wouldn’t you want story time in a TeePee?




Each kiddo has their own desk space. This is super helpful for storing each of their own supplies and books. We painted the kids’ desk tops with some chalkboard paint.  They have fun writing their name or doodling on it. That’s doodling, not drooling. Although that can happen sometimes too. I do have a 2 year old.



This is our ART area. I like to keep a variety of markers, pens, pencils, crayons, tape etc. accessible to the kids here. They know they can be creative anytime as long as the items are put back where it was taken from.  This keeps us from ‘loosing’ items and helps maintain some sort of order in the school/play room.

Thanks for coming by to see our School Room today. Or at least parts of it. And for those of you wondering if everything is always in it’s perfect place like these photos show…think again. We are real people. And my kids are kids. Everyday (sometimes multiple times a day) we have an entire house cleanup time!

Take heart mamas. You’re doing a great job.Give your littles a hug and kiss.That will go a long way and could very well be all the lesson they need to know today… that they are loved, always.

“Rooms in the Inn” Home Tour- Master Bedroom/Bath

Welcome into a glimpse of our home!  This week I will be giving you a tour of our bedrooms all decorated for Christmas in a series called-“Rooms in the Inn”. I’ll give you a look at some of our farmhouse features in our bedrooms in hopes to inspire you to keep creating beauty and rest within your own homes, as always.

Let’s start off our “Rooms in the Inn” Home Tour with a look at our master bedroom…


Of course if you put a massive FARMHOUSE sign anywhere it will shout out, “Hi I’m a farmhouse and I like being a farmhouse here.”  So you can never go wrong with adding that word to your home on a sign or pillow cover if you share a love for the same combination of letters as I.  Also, adding any rustic barn wood accents is another great way to bring a cozy homestead feel.  As you can see we have the barn wood feature with our headboard.  Some others options for you are a rustic wood framed mirror, artwork, or picture frames.



Our matching nightstands are painted in SW Alabaster.  I kept the original hardware on them to add fresh vintage symmetry to our room.



A frosted green wreath with silver balls and a glittery reindeer bring a cheerful presence to our room with its simple, yet completely Christmas farmhouse appeal.



Classic white linen curtains casually hang on a black rod. The rod rest on rustic hooks mounted on our matching barn wood.  I like them much better than your standard wall mount hooks, how about you?

And now for our Master Bath…







We went with a simple timeless look by having white subway tile throughout, tobacco stained cabinets, and chrome finishes.

*Our knobs are from Restoration Hardware

*’Everyday I love you’ sign is from Hobby Lobby

*Fixtures above sinks are Pottery Barn

*Fixture above tub is Joss and Main 

*Wall color is SW Agreeable Gray

That wraps up my “Rooms in the Inn”Home Tour-Master Bedroom/Bath.  I’ll have the kids’ room next so be sure to check back in soon!

Bless your home