Farmhouse Friday

img_9374Thanks for swinging in for our Farmhouse Friday today! This has been a week of sharing on the blog and my Instagram account (follow @thewhitebarnfarm) about our cozy, wintery bedroom. So I thought I’d talk a little more about how I love having a tray set on the end of our bed for decorations each season..or each week sometimes! It gives me just enough of a ‘change’ to make it fun and interesting! Does anyone else like to switch around decor like me as to give a room a ‘new’ look? I simply walk through my house and garage storage shelf and then gather a new item to use. It truly is the best way to ‘shop’ while saving money! If I ever have a guest room in my home, I dream of having a tray filled with specialty items for a warm welcome. Let me know what items you like to fill your end-of-the-bed-trays with. As always, I’d love to hear from you and gain more inspiration. Enjoy your weekend!