Fresh Season


Aren’t all the gardens fabulous this time of year?! Creating our first family garden has got me all excited about the season and year(s) ahead. Fresh organic veggies are the best. I’ve always known this in my head, but to actually see and taste week after week for ourselves is a new leaf turned (Ehem pun intended. wink). O my dear people, I am turning into a foodie. Or for sure my body is. It doesn’t take much before my insides tell me (not so subtly) that what I’ve just consumed is not “garden fresh”. EEK. At first I did NOT want to turn into one of those people because, I mean really, how annoying is it to have to be a “picky eater” in today’s fast and furious culture. BUT, ever since enjoying the fruit of our harvest and that of our local farmers I am now a true believer of the benefits of eating fresh, clean, and local whenever possible. I feel SO much better all around. Thus my full year of eating fresh has begun. I’ve challenged myself. Or rather I’m doing myself a favor in order to feel better more often. Less tired, stronger, easier to reign in the emotions…ya know, just the little necessities to stay, well, sane as a wife and mother of four. I love them all to the core, so this mama needs to be taking care of myself to give them all I can be. And I want them to be receiving healthy nutrition too. So there ya have it.

So why am I sharing this here, with you all? Well, to be honest I’m not totally sure other than it’s a part of what our family has been up to. I also want to encourage those of you who are hesitant to start a garden to just GO FOR IT! Live and learn. That’s what it’s all about. Believe me, we have learned and we have lived. Through it all we are even more excited to improve for the years ahead. I dream of a HUGE garden with fresh pickin’s day after day. But one must start somewhere, and lawd knows I ain’t got no huge garden (yet). For now we have a cute sunflower lined 4×10 raised garden bed and an overgrown pumpkin patch…all because I wasn’t confident anything would grow so I planted the entire three, or was it four?, packets of seeds in a 4×4 area. Shhh. Remember, live and learn. LOL.

I’ll keep dreaming in the meantime of what can be in future years. So join in on the adventure my friends. Experience the joys of planting, growing, harvesting, and consuming the fruits of your labor. Or at least the fruits of local farmers near you! It takes a tribe. And they’re out there. Go find them. Cheers to eating fresh.

**A super helpful resource:  “Welcome to the Farm” book by Shaye Elliot. Pick up your copy if you haven’t already! She and her book are a treasure to the farmin’ soul.