img_0911This week we had our annual “Fall Back” time change.  Why we still do this in our neck-of-the-woods with our current culture and technological age of farming I have yet to discover. (Here’s a link to the original ‘why’ it all began if  you’re so inclined to learn). However, this year I appreciate it more as I reflect on the original purpose of it.

To awake before dawn, as a hard working farming family, I see how the extra hour of long sunlight in the work day was a blessing to kick off the planting season.  Then each Fall I am certain the shift back of the hour offered a sweet relief in the work day as the closing darkness at the end of the day crept into the cold winter months.

I don’t have a milking cow, named Annabelle, to tend to in the wee hours of the morning Although I think that would be an exciting addition in my future, wink wink. Can someone say “Fresh Milk and cookies!?”  Nor acres of seed to get into the ground each spring or home-grown produce to harvest each summer/fall.  Yet, I still stand in awe at the sunrise each morning.  So I do appreciate the time change.  The opportunity to see a glimpse of God’s creativity is something to be thankful for at each new dawn.  A wondrous reminder that He is God, I am His, He is in control, He has a plan, and He makes no mistakes.  Time is in His hands.