Farmhouse Friday


It’s summa…and this room is getting some good use. It’s our multi-purpose room indeed. I use a variety of items new and used to give a lived-in-childlike-playful-farmhouse look. Lots of books, toys, school supplies, and crafts full every square inch. Using an assortment of bins (stores balls), boxes(stores books), vintage suitcases(stores DVD’s), and shelving (stores craft supplies) all help to keep this space ‘somewhat’ organized. And for me and my “clean-freak” self I like to have at least someplace these array of items can be hidden away. Hold on there; let me clarify…not everything actually STAYS hidden away, but at least it has a place to go. If it doesn’t have a place then there have been times toys disappear never to be seen again. GASP. I wonder who took them? wink.

Gather those assortment of bins, barrels, suitcases, boxes, and ladder shelving to make creative storage systems in your home. Also take some time to READ a book or do some ART. It will serve you well. I’m sure of it. Have a great weekend y’all!

Farmhouse Friday


Hello. To open shelf it or not to open shelf it? That is the question. As you can see we have one in our home. Honestly, there are definite pros and cons to open shelving system in the kitchen. So if you’re considering this “look” make sure to think through these questions:

*Do I care if dust gets on my dishes? Often. Heads up; A pre-rinse prior to use is recommended. At least in our home it is! Hey, I’m a mom of four littles. Dusting isn’t top priority these days. No shame. I try. But let’s be honest people.

*Do I love to see all my dishes, all the time? Could be a pro for some and a con for others.

*Do I want to save money by not installing upper cabinets? Big plus.

*Do I really even like that look? There are lots of options for open shelving, but the idea is the same. Dishes will be on display for all to see. So if you don’t care to show Grandma Betty or Uncle Merv your glasses/dishes then open shelving very well may not be the best option for you.

That gives you a start. I have a husband who is asking me to go on a walk with him now, so I want to gladly accept his invitation and wrap this up! Walks on a late spring eve are the best.

Thanks for coming by today, and enjoy this first weekend in June! Summer is approaching. We couldn’t be more excited ’round here!

** Brackets are from Home Depot and a simple scrap piece of old wood was placed on top. Nothing fancy, but it works! Mission accomplished.

Farmhouse Friday

IMG_0173 (1)

Baskets. Baskets and more baskets. We use baskets of all shapes and sizes around the home to store anything and everything. Even sweet potatoes! There’s something about fresh produce in a wire basket that speaks to my heart. I love seeing the produce we will enjoy as a family that week. It brings me back to our roots of a simple life out on the farm and enjoying the harvest. Psst Secret… I don’t have a garden or farm that produces such bounty, (maybe someday?!) but I can still enjoy the beauty of organic produce from other local farmers in our community. Speaking of, if you missed it, go see “Our Local” post yesterday for ways you can support local growers.  Have a wonderful Farmhouse Friday, friends. We appreciate you being here!

Farmhouse Friday

IMG_0248 (1)

Welcome to this weeks Farmhouse Friday at The White Barn Farm. Many of you came by and saw us at the Rustique Divas Vintage Market. Thank you for coming! It was such a fun day. Of course I had to sneak away for a moment to explore the other vendors while there. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?! So for today’s Farmhouse Friday I am featuring this colorful quilt that I SCORED. I love all the sweet patterns and bright spring colors. I’ve found that a vintage quilt can make for a simple way to bring color and texture to a neutral space. Aaand, we all know how I love neutrals. Wink. So a splash of color is a great way for me to ‘branch-out’ and enjoy it for a (short, ha!) season. I have quite the collection of quilts around our home as they make fantastic forts, boats, ice-rinks, cars, restaurants,…okay let’s just cover our basis and say basically anything the kids can imagine. Oh yes, and they keep you warm on a cool day/night. Or let’s not forget how wonderful a quilt is to lay out while on a picnic. And how about snuggling up with one of these while sitting by the campfire eating a s’more. Yes please, I’ll take ten of them. No not the s’mores… the quilts! Hmmm, wait, I think I may have that many. Check your local thrift shops, antique stores, or vintage markets to snag a quilt of your liking too. I hope you’ll find as many reasons to love them as much as I. Thanks for coming by the blog today, dear friends.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Come on sunshine show us your pretty face. Can I get an Amen?!

PS. We’ll keep you posted on our “Gather” page of future events we will be at. So be sure to stay tuned.

Farmhouse Friday- and a Happy Birthday!


Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here because today is not only our family Farmhouse Friday, but also a very Happy Birthday to our boy! He turns SIX today! There’s not a better way to start a six year olds day than with a birthday plate (with his name and birthday on it of course), his favorite granola (with added birthday sprinkles in it of course), fresh raspberries and blueberries (with added chocolate chips of course), and a blue candle (because blue is his favorite color of course). And let me tell ya, that’s just the beginning. After this little morning appetizer we are headed into his favorite bakery for a donut. It’s tradition. And the kids absolutely LOVE it. Then it’s burgers for lunch with grandpa and grandma, target shooting for the afternoon, a deli-sandwich from Fred Meyer for dinner (lol- he saw it while we grocery shopped this week and that’s what he wants!) then lastly it’s a Davey Crocket movie night and root beer floats with his cousins to close out the big day. Wow, what a day. Oh the joys of a six year old birthday. We’re all looking forward to celebrating with some good ol’ fashion fun and adventure. He has such a tender heart and sweet spirit about him. We are so proud of the man he’s becoming. God gave us a blessing with the life of Silas. We love him so.

Thanks for coming by and celebrating with us here at The White Barn Farm. Enjoy the weekend ahead, friends!

PS. Aren’t birthdays the best?! Especially at SIX. 🙂

Farmhouse Friday


Hi all y’all! See that half windmill above our mantel? Of coarse you do. It’s kinda hard to miss. Well, I have another one with your name on it that will be for sale tomorrow in our booth at The Rustique Diva Vintage Market. Come snag it while you can! Oh hey, see those galvanized wall hanging planters? I have a few sets of these as well. Yup, it’s true! These are great ways to add a touch of farmhouse charm to your home. Have a wonderful Friday and don’t forget to come by and see us tomorrow!

Farmhouse Friday


Welcome to Farmhouse Friday at The White Barn Farm. Thanks for coming by today. We are always happy to have you join in on our story! Speaking of story, look at this cutie boy reading his “Vroom Vroom” book. A book with tractors (AKA vroom vroom) is a favorite with this kid. For today’s Farmhouse Friday I wanted to share with you how we keep a box of library books in our living room. It’s an extremely helpful way to keep the ‘library stash’ separated from our other books in our home. I simply use an old apple crate and the kids know it’s where they can always find the library books. Anytime, a book is not far off. I love it. And I think they do too. The easier it is to access the more likely they will venture into that box to read. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read to this cutie boy about his Vroom Vroom’s. His mama will talk to you again soon. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Farmhouse Friday

IMG_0157 (1)

Hi y’all! Thanks for coming by. Isn’t this egg too adorable for words?! The mint green farm fresh egg in a pink and gold polka dot egg cup. I mean, really. Nuff said. Am I right?! Today is quite a day. Not because it’s Farmhouse Friday here at The White Barn Farm, but because it is also Good Friday. There is much to reflect on today as we remember the road Christ walked for us to calvary. I am broken and humbled by it each year that this day comes around. I hope you find time to rest and reflect on the goodness of Christ’s sacrifice all those years ago, and yet how it radically affects us still to this today. Rich blessings to you and your home as we remember and celebrate the joy of The Risen Savior. Today was dark, but Sunday is comin’. Amen for that!

Farmhouse Friday


Home. Our home. Each spring our valley is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and fresh green hills. It truly is a fairytale. Today’s Farmhouse Friday is taking a look at where we call home in hopes to encourage you to take a walk and see the beauty where you live. It may or may not be a picture perfect place with rollings hills, rivers, and orchards, but it is home. Your home. Your local. And that is beautiful. Your home is what you make of it and how you choose to view it. Make it a blessing by seeking the blessing. Set your mind towards it. Search for it. It’s there. I promise. You may struggle to find something to see as a blessing. But it’ll be worth the fight. Something wonderful will be born in your heart and overflow into your home. So today let us embrace the gift of where we each call home. Bless your home, friends, and Happy Farmhouse Friday. It’s always a joy to have you.

Farmhouse Friday


Happy Farmhouse Friday to you! Pretty self explanatory today, wouldn’t you say? Galvanized trays are a staple in the home. Add some greens and a farmhouse sign, ah just right. I love trays. Sweet and simple with a touch of farmhouse charm. Can’t get much better than that. I love trays; have I said that yet? Enjoy the weekend, friends!

*Farmhouse Sign crafted by IG friend Stacie with The QC Ranchette. Come by The White Barn Farm booth at Rustique Divas April 29th for similar homemade signs brought to you by Paloma and Grace. We look forward to seeing you there!