Farmhouse Friday

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Baskets. Baskets and more baskets. We use baskets of all shapes and sizes around the home to store anything and everything. Even sweet potatoes! There’s something about fresh produce in a wire basket that speaks to my heart. I love seeing the produce we will enjoy as a family that week. It brings me back to our roots of a simple life out on the farm and enjoying the harvest. Psst Secret… I don’t have a garden or farm that produces such bounty, (maybe someday?!) but I can still enjoy the beauty of organic produce from other local farmers in our community. Speaking of, if you missed it, go see “Our Local” post yesterday for ways you can support local growers.  Have a wonderful Farmhouse Friday, friends. We appreciate you being here!

Farmhouse Friday


Hi all y’all! See that half windmill above our mantel? Of coarse you do. It’s kinda hard to miss. Well, I have another one with your name on it that will be for sale tomorrow in our booth at The Rustique Diva Vintage Market. Come snag it while you can! Oh hey, see those galvanized wall hanging planters? I have a few sets of these as well. Yup, it’s true! These are great ways to add a touch of farmhouse charm to your home. Have a wonderful Friday and don’t forget to come by and see us tomorrow!

Farmhouse Friday

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Hi y’all! Thanks for coming by. Isn’t this egg too adorable for words?! The mint green farm fresh egg in a pink and gold polka dot egg cup. I mean, really. Nuff said. Am I right?! Today is quite a day. Not because it’s Farmhouse Friday here at The White Barn Farm, but because it is also Good Friday. There is much to reflect on today as we remember the road Christ walked for us to calvary. I am broken and humbled by it each year that this day comes around. I hope you find time to rest and reflect on the goodness of Christ’s sacrifice all those years ago, and yet how it radically affects us still to this today. Rich blessings to you and your home as we remember and celebrate the joy of The Risen Savior. Today was dark, but Sunday is comin’. Amen for that!

Farmhouse Friday


Happy Farmhouse Friday to you! Pretty self explanatory today, wouldn’t you say? Galvanized trays are a staple in the home. Add some greens and a farmhouse sign, ah just right. I love trays. Sweet and simple with a touch of farmhouse charm. Can’t get much better than that. I love trays; have I said that yet? Enjoy the weekend, friends!

*Farmhouse Sign crafted by IG friend Stacie with The QC Ranchette. Come by The White Barn Farm booth at Rustique Divas April 29th for similar homemade signs brought to you by Paloma and Grace. We look forward to seeing you there!

Farmhouse Friday


Hi all y’all! Aren’t these flowers so refreshing to see this time of year? Awe, I love them. The pink and white get me in the mood for the holiday next week! #bemine. We usually don’t do a whole lot for Valentines Day, but I do add a few things here or there around the house to engage the kids and remind them how much I love them and their daddy. They always like seeing the new scattered ‘colors’ of the approaching holiday around our normally white/neutral home. Here are some of the features you see today on our Farmhouse Friday at The White Barn Farm: the Olive Bucket is a farmhouse find from Hobby Lobby. Our Coffee Table is a DIY by my talented husband using pallets and an old apple crate. The blankets are draped on a vintage ladder and simply leaned against our wall. As always, thanks for coming by today and have a wonderful weekend!

Farmhouse Friday

img_9374Thanks for swinging in for our Farmhouse Friday today! This has been a week of sharing on the blog and my Instagram account (follow @thewhitebarnfarm) about our cozy, wintery bedroom. So I thought I’d talk a little more about how I love having a tray set on the end of our bed for decorations each season..or each week sometimes! It gives me just enough of a ‘change’ to make it fun and interesting! Does anyone else like to switch around decor like me as to give a room a ‘new’ look? I simply walk through my house and garage storage shelf and then gather a new item to use. It truly is the best way to ‘shop’ while saving money! If I ever have a guest room in my home, I dream of having a tray filled with specialty items for a warm welcome. Let me know what items you like to fill your end-of-the-bed-trays with. As always, I’d love to hear from you and gain more inspiration. Enjoy your weekend!

Farmhouse Friday


It’s time for our weekly Farmhouse Friday! Now look at this…so fitting, right? I found this caddy and fell in love. Farmhouse AND Local on it. I just had to make it apart of our home. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve used it for flowers (placed in mason jars and set inside), serving silverware, snacks, paper products, or simply empty and looking all adores by itself. What do you like to use your caddy’s for around your house? I’m eager to hear more ideas from you too! Lastly, I really love having you here and sharing in our story. Thank you for coming by today, friends.

Okay Y’all…or is it Ya’ll?!? Read on…


HELLO. Alright peeps. Let’s get real for a moment. Here is the deal. The official way to spell “Y’all” is….not Ya’ll.

I’ve learned this by a much trusted Texan friend who kindly informed me after I was thoroughly confused because of all the misused ways y’all were using it on my social media accounts. BTW-I’m guilty as charged. I honestly couldn’t get it straight without second guessing myself each time I used it. And “why did I use it” in the first place you may ask?… Well good question. So I ask, “Why do you use it?”  For me, it’s just plain fun to say! Gettin’ in touch with my inner Texan soul I suppose. Or rather, I should say my inner Joanna Gaines. Come on, don’t leave me hanging. You get me, right? It’s fun to say and looks cool (when used right) to boot.

So there you have it. All cleared up now? I like to remember that it is truly Y’all because you are taking out the ‘O-U’ for the YOU ALL. It makes a fun twang voice to say Y’all. It’s not correct to actually spell “YA” rather only to say it in a slang twang is correct. Therefore, Ya’ll wouldn’t make sense to spell.

So in a nutshell. Think of taking out the O-U with the and you will be good to go every time! And if you really want to get in the game you can add an extra ALL and start saying “all y’all”. Isn’t that some awesome sauce?!

Thanks for coming by all y’all to hear the correct way to communicate YOU ALL on social media when we like to engage our farm lovin’ roots.  Aren’t you glad you came by today? I sure am. At least all y’all will get it right now and we can break the trend. We’ve all done it. Okay, well I have done it. This is really just a reminder for me. wink. Have a great second half of your week y’all!

Winter Tablescape

For how much I love all our Christmas decorations, once they are put away it is so refreshing to have a clean, white, wintery decorated home. I love the simplicity of all our whites and creams that come out again. I was able to keep it simple with this winter table setting.


The six of us have our own Rae-dunn mug to sip out of each evening. A glass of milk in a large mug just seems to taste better for some reason. Wouldn’t you agree?


I recycled our greens from our Christmas flower arrangement by taking out the white flowers and red berries and then simply kept the greenery. This makes for a perfect splash of winter beauty for our simple white setting. If you missed our Christmas tablescape you can find it here.



Keeping it simple. Keeping it winter white. I’m loving it. What are some of your thoughts for a farmhouse winter table setting? I’d love to hear and see your ideas too!



Farmhouse Friday


Greetings! Today for Farmhouse Friday I’m sharing this wintery display of bottle-brush trees in an old weathered wood crate. I transformed this wire backed crate into a shelf on my entryway wall. I’m not sure what it was used for previously, but I love finding old items and giving them a new home in an unexpected place. Old wooden boxes or crates create a fantastic eye pleaser to your wall as it gives an interesting variation of texture. Don’t be afraid to get creative! I love the cute simplicity of these frosted trees for guests to see as they enter our home. They are an inexpensive means to bring a winter welcome to any space. I hope you will give it a try and let me know what treasures you find in your neck of the woods. Have a wonderful weekend, friends. As always, thank you for coming by today!