Goodbye Pumpkins….

We are wrapping up our fall and about to enter into our Christmas winter wonderland. The Christmas music may have even slipped its way into our home from time to time already. What can I say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. So why not streeetchhhh out the wonder of it all. My mom, Christmas Queen, would be proud for sure.

With four children, all seven years and younger, there are still simple delights that make their hearts full. One way we tapped into such a delight this week was sending out our left-over pumpkins with some new pizzazz. All we needed was a pumpkin, paint, brushes, water dish, and imaginative children. Then, boda-bing-boda boom, let the creativity begin.





If you have any pumpkins still sitting out on your porch, grab some paint or paper mache and have some fun with your littles!  The hour or more of entertainment is a nice way for you to get another load of laundry folded while they’re occupied (or at least laundry started! Let’s be honest, folding usually happens when they’re asleep around here).

Sometimes embracing ‘the mess’ of an artsy afternoon is a fantastic way to make memories and have some fun.  Not to mention the pumpkins sure look much cuter as I tossed them out today…..Yes, i did it discreetly.  So far no one has asked where their masterpiece is.   I’m sure the quick change into a Christmas wonderland that is about to happen around here will provide enough distraction. At least i sure hope so, lol!  What are some of your family’s ways to enjoy these last days of pumpkin-spice-and-everything nice?!

For the C-Macs it’s officially,

Goodbye pumpkins….hello Christmas!

And a very warm welcome to Thanksgiving in between.