Vintage Inspired Paper Lamp


I hope you’re having a good week thus far. Today I will answer a question I received from several of you about the lamp in our master bedroom. I love when I get asked something from you, because then I have an idea of what you like to see! So never hesitate to leave a comment or question. I love hearing from you.

Today is the day we taking a closer look at the vintage paper lamp many of you liked seeing on Instagram. If you decide to style a shade similarly please share it with me! You can email via our blog “Sharing at the Farm Table” tab or tag me on IG @thewhitebarnfarm. I’d love to see your creations!  Here is our lamp and a few ideas of what you can do to create one similarly…


To DIY; simply gather some vintage books and carefully remove pages. Or find some poetry, pictures, or newspapers online and print to desired size. You can use a tea-bag bath to give the appearance of time-worn pages. You’ll also need to purchase a lamp base and a wire shade (no fabric attached), as well as some small clips to attach as shown above. Mine are a vintage cream color, but you could get any color desired for your design preference. That’s it! You can do it!


Simple and lovely.


The lamp gives off a really nice soft glow. We also have our headboard barn fixtures for additional light as needed when reading at night. I love to have the lamp and chandelier on a dimmer switch for a warm welcome into our room each evening.



Thanks for coming by The White Barn Farm, I hope you gained some new ideas to make your next DIY project come to life! Bless your home as you keep aspiring to flourish in the heart and home.

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm


I’ve been reading this DIY book by Liz Fourez this month. I love it all! I’m super excited to start some of these projects and share them with you in the days ahead. I love how the ideas and talents of others spur me on to further create and dream for us here at The White Barn Farm. What a fun adventure to share together. Thanks for being here and such a significant part of our journey!

Kids Advent Garland and Tree

The Christmas traditions are being prepared around here at The White Barn Farm.  I’ve spent the last couple nights getting this sweet little flocked tree’s garland filled with our 2016 December treats and adventures.  I found this burlap pocket garland at Craft Warehouse a couple years ago and every year since this is a favorite Christmas tradition.  Each pocket has a number corresponding to the date they can ‘open’ or take out the note that greets them inside.  With shrieks of excitement they find out what special event/treat awaits them for that day.  Honestly, they are still young enough that simple pleasures go a long way.  Oh to be young again!

Here are some of what our December adventures entail.  I hope this gives you some ideas of what to do with your family and/or friends in preparation for the greatest day to celebrate of the month… December 25th!

*Hot chocolate date with daddy


*White Christmas Play at community High School

*Girls Date Night with Daddy -(they usually go to The Nutcracker)

*Cookie Baking Day

*Christmas Craft Day

*Look at Christmas lights in Leavenworth, Wa

*Special surprise once in your P.J’s (of which we will take kids out of bed and go see Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas treat late at night!)

*Check your stocking for a hidden treasure

*Go sledding

*Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach, WA

*Christmas Party- Dress up tonight!

*Read The Christmas Story



Once I have the garland finished the kids get to decorate the tree. The ornaments, ribbon, nor picks are perfectly and precisely placed during these young years, but I don’t mind. There is so much joy in their gleaming eyes for them to have a chance to help and be apart of making memories.  It’s definitely worth all the ‘imperfections’ in decorating as we build traditions together, right?!  What are some of your traditions around this time of year? Do you have any similar advent traditions at your home too?  I’d love to hear and thanks for coming by!

DIY Christmas Window

Ever want to change it up a bit and decorate with some new layers, textures, colors etc.  Well I sure did this year when I looked at my mantel.  I am always having to cover over some outlets of which are there for a fancy mounted tv (of which we don’t own)…So this year for Christmas I hung a wreath with an old window frame, but that wasn’t enough to cover them because of the open panes. MmmK, bummer.  This lead me to get my creative-craft-on and gather some items I had around the house.


As I ‘shopped’ my home to figure out something to do with the the mantel outlet-monsters I spotted this paper I had just picked up the day before. Perfect.  Some scissors and tape is all I needed.  I simply cut a portion of paper to size of the window frame, taped it on the back, and viola!

img_8373If you’re anything like me then you also have a love for old windows.  Adding some vintage paper or fabric is a simple way to make a big statement (or hide some unwanted outlets as in my case. wink).

Here’s what it looked like when all finished. I’ve already made a few adjustments on the surrounding decorations since taking this picture, but the main backdrop is still there and my outlets are hidden. Success.


And here’s a look into our living room with our tree in!


Have a fun time decorating and creating beauty in your home!