ReFresh and ReNew Tablescape 101


Today we will look at how I’ve re-used a dying flower arrangement in order to salvage the greenery into something lovely again. A reFreshed and reNewed tablescape just for you! Someone recently commented on our Instagram @thewhitebarnfarm, “I am so intimidated by putting together a tablescape. I just have no idea where to start.” I am so glad she said that because now I can hopefully help ease any of your uneasiness! There are just a few basics you need to make for a simple, lovely table setting.

1.Fresh or faux flowers/greens. Eek, take a look at this “used to be beautiful arrangement”…



You can see the flowers have lived their last, but the greenery still looks fresh. Lesson: Don’t throw out the entire arrangement when you see wilting flowers. There is still a lot more life to enjoy in the days ahead! The greenery fillers will most always out-live the flowers.

Here is the greenery I salvaged… Doesn’t it look so lovely once set apart from the dead?!


2. Center Pieces: Gather a few items to be at the center of your table. Add greenery to those items as shown here…


Old books are fabulous household decor. Whenever I am at a yard sale, thrift shop, or antiquing I like to keep my eyes peeled for books to use as decor. They add such beautiful layers to any space. Wrap a couple with twine and then add the greenery on top. Also, a simple vase looks perfect with an added splash of greenery.


3. Cloth Napkins and Napkin rings. We love the simple classic look of white with a polished nickel ring. Cloth napkins give a subtle ‘fancy’ feel to the table without much effort at all. You can find all sorts of napkin patterns to suit your preferences. I have two sets that I rotate through while one is in the wash. Here are ours…


4. Chargers under the plates. I have a few sets of chargers to use at our table depending on the mood I am in for the specific season of the year we are in. Or mood for the week for that matter! Confession, I tend to change them out quite often. I found these metal cream, delicate scalloped edged chargers for sale at a bakery, of all places, while on vacation before we owned a home. Who would think, right!? As soon as I saw them, I knew I would love setting a table with their sweet little selves. And now that we have a home of our own, I sure do love them. Aren’t they adorable?…


5. Table runner or table cloth. For our table, I like to see the contrast in the color of our dark stained wood table and white farmhouse style. Therefore, I love to use light toned table runners. In fact, this one is a matching set with our napkins. Both are from Pier1 imports…


6. Candles. Okay, you guys, this is a must. The warm flickering of a candle will welcome the guests beautifully. Now, as I say ‘guests’ I am meaning all those who eat at your table. Indeed, even family. And remember, we are family if six. So four kids eat by candlelight. And they LOVE it! Every night we gather around this table, light our candles, and enjoy a meal and conversation together. It’s simple. It’s special. It’s beautiful.


Tall candle sticks are at our table now, but I have also use candles in a jar at times. It’s the warm glow that makes all the difference. So you can use anything. Even a few tea-lights will suffice! I promise you and your family will grow to love it.

7. Drinkware. Our main drink-ware are wide mouth mason jars. They are sturdy, inexpensive, and great to have with kids. For our ‘special’ occasions we use stemmed glassware. As shown below, they are adorable and very pretty, but they are not used everyday. It’s fun to have a special set of glasses to use when there is something or someone special to celebrate. We have a couple birthdays this week so out they came…


That’s all my friends. You can see it doesn’t take a whole lot to reFresh and reNew in order to put together a lovely tablescape. With a few basics on hand you too can make a beautiful place to share meals together. Let me know if you have more questions about anything I’ve said today or if you think of anything else you’d like to hear about.


It’s always a pleasure to come along side of you as we all seek to flourish in the heart and home.







Keeping it Sweet and Simple #valentines


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I wanted to share with you a simple, budget friendly means to celebrate the day with your littles. I like to keep things simplified whenever possible. So part of the way I decorate and celebrate is with simple designs and ideas. It makes it more doable for me, replicable for others, and inspirational for all of us.

This year I found these darling gift sacks to put a couple special items in for each child. The ones that appear ‘plain’ actually have small pink hearts on them. Obviously I am still learning how to take quality photographs. lol.


I literally put just a few heart shaped chocolates and a pack of pink bubble gum. I had to stick (no pun intended) with the pink theme for the occasion. That’s it! Sweet and simple. We don’t have an over abundance of treats at our home on a regular basis so for us this works. My kids will love it. I figure if I keep it sweet and simple through the little years the expectations won’t drown me as they get older and we can practice being easily blessed as a family. Simple blessings in the everyday ordinary. That is what makes this life extra-ordinary, right?


I plan to set the table with each Valentine sack at the kids’ place setting. We will have a fun breakfast Valentine’s Day morning as well. Maybe I’ll attempt heart shaped pancakes, aaaand that’s a big maybe. It could be entertaining to say the least. Ha! Or I’ll make pancakes and put red berries on top instead. That will probably be more of a reality.

Just remember; It’s in the thought and effort mamas. Not in the perfection. Our kids won’t remember what we get them each year or what extravagant meal we made them, but rather they will remember the heart of the the one whom gave it to them. Was it a heart that was cold, run-down, angry, anxious, easy irritated?…or a heart that was warm, welcoming, loving, energized, joyful, and at peace. It’s my prayer I will be the latter. Honestly not every moment I am, but that is the deepest desire of my heart.


I hope this blog post will encourage you to be okay with ‘keeping it sweet and simple’ this Valentines Day and focus more on the heart of the giver. That’s you. And that’s me. Love your littles, dear friends. They need it, in the simplest of ways. Happy (soon) Valentine’s Day.

Winter Tablescape

For how much I love all our Christmas decorations, once they are put away it is so refreshing to have a clean, white, wintery decorated home. I love the simplicity of all our whites and creams that come out again. I was able to keep it simple with this winter table setting.


The six of us have our own Rae-dunn mug to sip out of each evening. A glass of milk in a large mug just seems to taste better for some reason. Wouldn’t you agree?


I recycled our greens from our Christmas flower arrangement by taking out the white flowers and red berries and then simply kept the greenery. This makes for a perfect splash of winter beauty for our simple white setting. If you missed our Christmas tablescape you can find it here.



Keeping it simple. Keeping it winter white. I’m loving it. What are some of your thoughts for a farmhouse winter table setting? I’d love to hear and see your ideas too!