A chick and a girl


I can’t even. This girl is in love from the very movement they arrived. What a team. She carries them around in her hat, her baskets (of all sizes), her bike, her scooter, her shirt, and her bed if I’d let her!…and no, no I haven’t. I’m not that crazy farm lady (yet). It’s true, getting chicks brought into your life makes you take another step into ‘farm life’. I do believe we’ve succeeded. They’ve arrived. They’ve survived (for now). And they are beyond loved. Even the smell in our garage, because let’s be honest there is a smell, is welcomed. I’m loving it. My farmgirl-mama heart is happy. So, I join you L-Belle in loving this sweet simple life of holding a chick and taking them wherever we roam. Let’s do this for years to come. I’ve been learning that it’s either stirred within to embrace the farm life or not. For me… let’s just say my wooden spoon is getting worn out from all the stirring! This could be an exciting adventure folks. Thanks for coming along with us.