Farmhouse Friday


Welcome to Farmhouse Friday at The White Barn Farm. Thanks for coming by today. We are always happy to have you join in on our story! Speaking of story, look at this cutie boy reading his “Vroom Vroom” book. A book with tractors (AKA vroom vroom) is a favorite with this kid. For today’s Farmhouse Friday I wanted to share with you how we keep a box of library books in our living room. It’s an extremely helpful way to keep the ‘library stash’ separated from our other books in our home. I simply use an old apple crate and the kids know it’s where they can always find the library books. Anytime, a book is not far off. I love it. And I think they do too. The easier it is to access the more likely they will venture into that box to read. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to read to this cutie boy about his Vroom Vroom’s. His mama will talk to you again soon. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

A Touch of Farmhouse Charm


I’ve been reading this DIY book by Liz Fourez this month. I love it all! I’m super excited to start some of these projects and share them with you in the days ahead. I love how the ideas and talents of others spur me on to further create and dream for us here at The White Barn Farm. What a fun adventure to share together. Thanks for being here and such a significant part of our journey!