Welcome to The White Barn Farm. Thanks for being apart of our story! Truly, thank you.

The White Barn Farm began out of a desire to have a place for our kids to flourish, dream, work, learn, and create along side of my husband and I as we make a home and dream up our family farm together. We also want to have somewhere we can further support and engage with our local businesses. And so, The White Barn Farm has emerged as we keep dreamin’ together.

We are learning that there is great joy to be had in the every day ordinary. We are striving to create a simpler life for our family in possessions, whole-food cooking, work, and recreation. All the while making our ordinary something extraordinary. 

It is a complete joy to have you join us as we share at the farm table together. Come, take a seat, and enjoy the feast with us.


The White Barn Farm

**If you are interested in how we became called ‘The White Barn Farm’ please see our first blog post here.