Farmhouse Friday


The simplicity of a sweet pumpkin perched at the end of a bed is so endearing to me . It doesn’t take much to make your home fall ready. My family is in town this weekend to celebrate a very special man’s 61st birthday! We hope to sneak in a trip to the pumpkin patch if the rain holds off long enough. Maybe a few more of these lil’ pumpkins will be added to our decor soon. Hope so! Happy Farmhouse Friday to you and yours. Enjoy this fall weekend, friends!

The Barn Market Pop-up Shop is October 28th, 2017


UPCOMING EVENT- Saturday October 28th, 2017. Come enjoy shopping, hot apple cider, and fellowship at a home shopping event. Psst…Rumor has it Kellie and Sarah from Paloma and Grayce signs will be here too! Bring a friend and we’ll to see you soon!

Date: October 28th, 2017. 

Location: 326 Brinley Ln, Wenatchee WA. Directions: Head north on School Street. Left onto Lombard Ln. First right onto Brinley Pvt Ln.  Park on Lombard and walk to location. Parking is limited on Brinley.

Time: Open House format. Come shop anytime between 2-5pm.


Farmhouse Friday: The Lil’ White Barn Farm People


Happy Farmhouse Friday! We recently ventured out to snap a few family pictures of these special people. It was one of those days where I was not ready to get everyone all ‘dolled up’ for pictures. So with a quick rummage through closets and the shoe bin (AKA our apple crates stacked in the garage–works fantastic, try it!) this is as good as it got. Truth be told, I’m thankful my dear husband encouraged us to just go for it and get it done! He was right. We were long overdue for updated pictures. We simply met up with some friends and took their family pictures and then they took ours. This was a fantastic way to save some moolah and capture some precious faces. Phew, got er’ done. Living up the Farmhouse Friday today with the cowgirl boots my eight year old rocked with her capri’s. Why I let her leave the house with capri’s and cowgirl boots you may say? Mmmm, welllll, it is what it is! After all, remember, we’re homeschooled so we know how to wear things like this in confidence. Lol, kidding. Kinda. 😉

So here they are. Growing all too fast. Isn’t time is a peculiar thing? One thing Mr. C-Mac and I have been reminding each other (okay let’s be honest, he has been reminding me!) is that it just takes small moments, with intentionality, over a long period of time to build relationship. These small increments of time will multiply to be a beautifully painted canvas of trust, love, and honesty shared as adults someday. It’s mind boggling to me as I look into the sweet, innocent eyes of an eight, six, four, and two year old that we will spend the majority of our lives knowing and relating to one another as adults. O how these are precious years, my friends. Let’s be intentional with the time we have now as we anticipate a future of joy in our relationships. By grace alone.


Fair 2017

This was our first year embarking on the adventure of 4-H. What an adventure! We loved every minute of it. Really, we did. I’m not just saying it. Okay wellll, almost every minute of it. Ha! There was THAT moment when my two year old was hot and tired. Oh wait, I mean to say the 34 year old was hot and tired. And there was THAT moment when that same 34 year old lost her cookies behind the barn (and every 30 minutes after that for the next 12 hours). But besides that, we were in fine shape! Let’s keep thinking on the positives here people. In fact, there were many of them!

I thought I’d share a quick overview of the fun we had since there are many of you who followed along with our IG stories and also for those of you who are just getting to know us here on The White Barn Farm. Thanks for coming along with us and sharing in the excitement of the NCW Fair 2017!…


Here we are all ready for the fair! Off we go!


Upon arrival, Sparkles needed to get a tattoo. Yes, you heard me right. A TATTOO! Who knew rabbits get tattoos in their ears?! Well, Sparkles is a tatt-ed up rabbit diva now. My eight year old daughter Niyah chose: NS2 for N-Niyah S-Sparkles 2- ?? I don’t know…probably for the two of them? Your guess is as good as mine. Crazy to watch I tell ya. Crazy. That lady literally punches holes in the bunny ear and then rips it back out. Are you thinking “ouch”?! Umm, yea I know. Sparkles was “brave” while we held her down (firmly. very firmly) and painted on the black ink.  And there you have it. We now have a tatt-ed bunny. Rock on, Sparkles.


L-Belle loved them all.


These two did a great job with their educational poster boards. Our 4-H community was amazing with the decorating sections for all the kids and their animals!


Fitting and showing: Kids showed their bunnies to a judge and answered questions about their animal.


Success. Don’t ribbons make everything awesome?! Niyah and Silas sure thought so!


“I’ll take one of these, mama.” said Belle in every barn.


Three hours a day of barn-duty kept us all working hard. Teaching ’em young. Love it.


Market day!



The kids walked the big arena with an auctioneer. It was super fun! They made some money by sweet people who “bought” their bunnies. Great practice for the years ahead of the official Market experiences.


I’m a proud mama. If this strikes a chord in your boots like it did mine then join in the fun! Dive in even if you know nothing about farming, animals, or fair. That was me a year ago! Find a local 4-H to get involved with. It’s a blast. There are so many life lessons for the littles to learn.

Now to think about what animal(s) they want to take next year??? Or rather, what mom and dad will allow them to take. It’s a family affair indeed!




Farmhouse Friday


Someday this view will return. We’re still surrounded by a think mass of smoke. I miss the sight of this beautiful valley. Praying for relief soon. To breathe fresh air again. Oh how we miss it! As we pray for rain, another part of our country prays for the rain to stop. In the midst of it all, the created prays to The Creator. In the meantime, The White Barn Farm fam are staying tucked inside and remaining hope-filled. Take courage, find joy in the simple, aaaand drink some coffee. I’ve been trying to shift my mind to imagine the smoke is merely just a stormy fall day. Cozy up with a hot cup of jo and life gets a bit better for a moment. Happy Farmhouse Friday my friends!

Farmhouse Friday

IMG_7722Garden harvest my friends, woot woot! Check it. That’s what I’m talking about. I know, I know… it’s a little heavy on the green side. But hey, we love that some seeds came to fruition at least! If you read my previous post you can tell, right?! So naturally, today I am sharing with you how easy, oh wait, let’s say NOT so easy it is to get a full garden harvest. But you have to try! It’s well worth the effort and the reward is beyond the “mess-ups”. You people out there who fill our local markets with gorgeous, organic, fresh, healthy produce get a tip of my hat at ya. Amazing I tell ya. Thank a Farmer. They deserve it! Happy Farmhouse Friday to all of you! Remember, make a plan to start your garden next season. It’s super fun!

Fresh Season


Aren’t all the gardens fabulous this time of year?! Creating our first family garden has got me all excited about the season and year(s) ahead. Fresh organic veggies are the best. I’ve always known this in my head, but to actually see and taste week after week for ourselves is a new leaf turned (Ehem pun intended. wink). O my dear people, I am turning into a foodie. Or for sure my body is. It doesn’t take much before my insides tell me (not so subtly) that what I’ve just consumed is not “garden fresh”. EEK. At first I did NOT want to turn into one of those people because, I mean really, how annoying is it to have to be a “picky eater” in today’s fast and furious culture. BUT, ever since enjoying the fruit of our harvest and that of our local farmers I am now a true believer of the benefits of eating fresh, clean, and local whenever possible. I feel SO much better all around. Thus my full year of eating fresh has begun. I’ve challenged myself. Or rather I’m doing myself a favor in order to feel better more often. Less tired, stronger, easier to reign in the emotions…ya know, just the little necessities to stay, well, sane as a wife and mother of four. I love them all to the core, so this mama needs to be taking care of myself to give them all I can be. And I want them to be receiving healthy nutrition too. So there ya have it.

So why am I sharing this here, with you all? Well, to be honest I’m not totally sure other than it’s a part of what our family has been up to. I also want to encourage those of you who are hesitant to start a garden to just GO FOR IT! Live and learn. That’s what it’s all about. Believe me, we have learned and we have lived. Through it all we are even more excited to improve for the years ahead. I dream of a HUGE garden with fresh pickin’s day after day. But one must start somewhere, and lawd knows I ain’t got no huge garden (yet). For now we have a cute sunflower lined 4×10 raised garden bed and an overgrown pumpkin patch…all because I wasn’t confident anything would grow so I planted the entire three, or was it four?, packets of seeds in a 4×4 area. Shhh. Remember, live and learn. LOL.

I’ll keep dreaming in the meantime of what can be in future years. So join in on the adventure my friends. Experience the joys of planting, growing, harvesting, and consuming the fruits of your labor. Or at least the fruits of local farmers near you! It takes a tribe. And they’re out there. Go find them. Cheers to eating fresh.

**A super helpful resource:  “Welcome to the Farm” book by Shaye Elliot. Pick up your copy if you haven’t already! She and her book are a treasure to the farmin’ soul.


Our Local- Studio B Jewelry and Gifts


I’m so excited to share another favorite “Our Local” with you this month. Studio B Jewelry and Gifts is located in the quaint town of Cashmere, WA. You can venture into this darling shop on 101 Cottage Avenue, Cashmere WA 98815. Owner, Brenda Mcgowan has phenomenal gifting in jewelry making. Gorgeous jewelry fills her shop throughout darling displays. She also has super cute WA state tees, mugs, scarves, pillows, tea-towels, bags and much more! I purchased a “this is my adventure mug” from here and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it on our family vacation days this summer. I have a growing ‘wishlist’ each time I go in. Go by and see for yourself!












Thanks for coming by the blog today for this months, “Our Local”. Let’s go adventuring.


Farmhouse Friday


Well, Hi there! Summer time is here ’round these parts so our blog posts are a bit more sporadic. I probably need to say “your welcome” instead of “sorry”, lol! Sometimes our inbox gets annoying with random blog posts. So, “You’re welcome.” wink.

Who else loves milk glass? I have started a collection of these white beauties for the past several years. I display them on our open shelving (as seen above) and in our kitchen. I wouldn’t put it past me to use in the bathroom either. In fact, the classic look goes well in any room for the farmhouse lovers soul. It’s white, so what’s not to love right?! I know, I know…you know me too well. This little hobnail cutie is aching for a fresh stem of basil and lavender from our garden so if you’ll excuse me I will fulfill it’s destiny.  Have a great Farmhouse Friday, friends! Until next time.