Farmhouse Friday

It’s Friday!….and Farmhouse Friday to add more thrill to your day! We’ve been out of town and I’m getting excited to be back home to this place today. Especially because I want to see those white stools in use. Four stools for four kiddos. They are well loved and well used. The glossy metal is super easy to wipe clean (yes, that’s how I have white!) and believe me…they need a good wipe down after every meal. 

*Pssst side note: this mama doesn’t wipe them down after every meal~ although they need it. Shhh. Mama ain’t got super powers all the time. wink. Alls to say, if you’re in need of some island seating these are fabulous. Both practical and stylish. A perfect blend of Industrial-Farmhouse. 

Soooo, now you know if you come for a visit you may want to check the seat for left over jam, spaghetti sauce, or banana chunks! And if they happen to be sparkling clean you can thank me for getting in tune with my inner super mama powers. They do break through sometimes. Sometimes people. Therefore, there’s no need to be afraid of using Farmhouse white in our homes when water, washcloths, and “messy friendly” materials are used. A great threesome in my book. 

Thanks for coming by The White Barn Farm today, friends! Have a wonderful weekend.

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