Farmhouse Friday


Hello. To open shelf it or not to open shelf it? That is the question. As you can see we have one in our home. Honestly, there are definite pros and cons to open shelving system in the kitchen. So if you’re considering this “look” make sure to think through these questions:

*Do I care if dust gets on my dishes? Often. Heads up; A pre-rinse prior to use is recommended. At least in our home it is! Hey, I’m a mom of four littles. Dusting isn’t top priority these days. No shame. I try. But let’s be honest people.

*Do I love to see all my dishes, all the time? Could be a pro for some and a con for others.

*Do I want to save money by not installing upper cabinets? Big plus.

*Do I really even like that look? There are lots of options for open shelving, but the idea is the same. Dishes will be on display for all to see. So if you don’t care to show Grandma Betty or Uncle Merv your glasses/dishes then open shelving very well may not be the best option for you.

That gives you a start. I have a husband who is asking me to go on a walk with him now, so I want to gladly accept his invitation and wrap this up! Walks on a late spring eve are the best.

Thanks for coming by today, and enjoy this first weekend in June! Summer is approaching. We couldn’t be more excited ’round here!

** Brackets are from Home Depot and a simple scrap piece of old wood was placed on top. Nothing fancy, but it works! Mission accomplished.

2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Friday

  1. Open shelving can be so pretty! I like the look, but definitely wouldn’t have time to dust and pre-rinse all the time. 🙂 I think I’ll leave the beautiful farmhouse open shelving to my Pinterest boards and Fixer Upper episodes.

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    1. Ha, I Love this! Yes, Pinterest and Fixer Upper is a great place to keep a lot of things! Believe me, I have a bucket load. Sometimes it’s best to just look at pretty “impractical” things others do. Saves time and money, right?! Thanks for coming by The White Barn Farm blog today. Have a great weekend!

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