Farmhouse Friday

I know right?! How adorable is this sweet vintage picnic tin?! It jumped into my arms when we first met. Crazy how that happens sometimes. I’m so glad it did. The excitement to pack up and head to the park with lunch just increased ten fold with this cutie. Let me rephrase that… MY excitement to head to the park with lunch just increased ten fold. I feel like I’ve joined the kids in my very own fairy-tale. After all, it’s the little things. Even the simplest of things like an old, plaid lunch tin. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lunch to pack and a park to explore with my lil’ adventurers. I invite you to join the adventure too. Find out what simple vintage-farmhouse items put an extra pep in your step, then pack ‘er up to take along and start exploring! Happy Farmhouse Friday! 

Farmhouse Friday

It’s Friday!….and Farmhouse Friday to add more thrill to your day! We’ve been out of town and I’m getting excited to be back home to this place today. Especially because I want to see those white stools in use. Four stools for four kiddos. They are well loved and well used. The glossy metal is super easy to wipe clean (yes, that’s how I have white!) and believe me…they need a good wipe down after every meal. 

*Pssst side note: this mama doesn’t wipe them down after every meal~ although they need it. Shhh. Mama ain’t got super powers all the time. wink. Alls to say, if you’re in need of some island seating these are fabulous. Both practical and stylish. A perfect blend of Industrial-Farmhouse. 

Soooo, now you know if you come for a visit you may want to check the seat for left over jam, spaghetti sauce, or banana chunks! And if they happen to be sparkling clean you can thank me for getting in tune with my inner super mama powers. They do break through sometimes. Sometimes people. Therefore, there’s no need to be afraid of using Farmhouse white in our homes when water, washcloths, and “messy friendly” materials are used. A great threesome in my book. 

Thanks for coming by The White Barn Farm today, friends! Have a wonderful weekend.

Our Local- Merriment


Hey Locals…Have a Par-tay to plan? Go check this place out Locals! Our Local feature this month is Merriment- party goods located at 23 S. Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801. Go check this adorable shop out for unique (and super cute!) party goods!


“wenatchee is AWESOME”. Agreed. Cute cards are here. Don’t mind my dirty nails. eek.





Make your own personalized banner. How sweet is that?!






Balloons, balloons, and more balloons.



How cute are these bags and towel?! I love them.


Alrighty, go by Merriment for the next party you host. It won’t disappoint. And you’ll be the hostess with the mostess. For sure. You can also shop online here.

Have a great month, and we’ll see you next time for The White Barn Farm “Our Local” feature. What will we share next…? Stay tuned!




Farmhouse Friday


Hello. To open shelf it or not to open shelf it? That is the question. As you can see we have one in our home. Honestly, there are definite pros and cons to open shelving system in the kitchen. So if you’re considering this “look” make sure to think through these questions:

*Do I care if dust gets on my dishes? Often. Heads up; A pre-rinse prior to use is recommended. At least in our home it is! Hey, I’m a mom of four littles. Dusting isn’t top priority these days. No shame. I try. But let’s be honest people.

*Do I love to see all my dishes, all the time? Could be a pro for some and a con for others.

*Do I want to save money by not installing upper cabinets? Big plus.

*Do I really even like that look? There are lots of options for open shelving, but the idea is the same. Dishes will be on display for all to see. So if you don’t care to show Grandma Betty or Uncle Merv your glasses/dishes then open shelving very well may not be the best option for you.

That gives you a start. I have a husband who is asking me to go on a walk with him now, so I want to gladly accept his invitation and wrap this up! Walks on a late spring eve are the best.

Thanks for coming by today, and enjoy this first weekend in June! Summer is approaching. We couldn’t be more excited ’round here!

** Brackets are from Home Depot and a simple scrap piece of old wood was placed on top. Nothing fancy, but it works! Mission accomplished.