Farmhouse Friday


Happy Farmhouse Friday to you! Pretty self explanatory today, wouldn’t you say? Galvanized trays are a staple in the home. Add some greens and a farmhouse sign, ah just right. I love trays. Sweet and simple with a touch of farmhouse charm. Can’t get much better than that. I love trays; have I said that yet? Enjoy the weekend, friends!

*Farmhouse Sign crafted by IG friend Stacie with The QC Ranchette. Come by The White Barn Farm booth at Rustique Divas April 29th for similar homemade signs brought to you by Paloma and Grace. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Local- Urban


Hurry and head to Urban this week! I love this place. Open Fridays and Saturdays 10am-5pm and located at 126 Cottage Ave, Cashmere WA 98815. You will be sure to find something your heart loves. The cherry on top is that they have started carrying Magnolia Market items. Yes, you heard me right! Jojo has come to our Valley. Go take a look for yourself. It makes me happy just thinking about it. I think I’ll head there now. Meet me there!










As you can see Urban is where it’s at y’all. Kara has made her dreams come true in this shop for us all to enjoy. Read more about her story here. Thanks for coming by today to see our very own local-Urban Home in Cashmere. I look forward to running into you there…soon.

Mama’s GF/DF Chicken Pot Pie


Gluten and Dairy free Chicken Pot Pie


1/2 lb cooked chicken breast cut into pieces (I just used the chicken already cooked into the cream of chicken soup recipe as described below)

1 can equivalent cream of chicken soup (see directions below for dairy free option)

4-5 C of organic fresh or frozen mixed veggie’s (we include carrots, green beans, corn, pees)


Press down 1/2 of crust recipe into the bottom and sides of glass pie plate.

Add filling. Place 4-5 pats of butter or dairy substitute butter on top of filling.

Place top layer of crust and pink the sides (mine is crumbly so work with it as best you can… just make a top layer for pot pie affect. Remember it doesn’t have to look real pretty to taste great. And in my opinion, from scratch and homemade looks pretty no matter what. Half the deliciousness is in the victory of knowing you made a meal from scratch, right? See pics below, you’ll see what I mean.)

Place foil around the edges for the first half of baking (20minutes), then remove to brown top for additional 15-20 minutes.

Bake 425 Degrees for 35-40 minutes.

Pie Crust:

2 C gluten free all purpose flower ( I uses Namaste from Costco)

3/4 C Coconut oil solid- not melted

4 T Dairy free butter (I use Earth Balance)

1 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp sugar (or honey to sweeten)

1 egg

1/4 C water

1 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar


Combine flour, oil, butter sugar ad salt with pastry cutter. Add egg water and vinegar. Mix. *Pat by hand into pie plate. Gluten free does not roll out real well!

Dairy free Gluten free Cream of Chicken Soup: 

*Makes 4 Cups. So you will have left overs if only using for 1 pot pie. I used the remaining to make creamy chicken enchiladas.

1-2 C cooked chicken

4T Earth Balance butter

1 1/2 Tsp onion pwd

1 tsp salt

pepper to taste

4-5 T gluten free flour

1 1/2 C chicken broth

1 1/2 C hemp milk


Melt butter, add onion pwd, salt and pepper. Stir in flour and cook for a minute or two. Add chicken broth and bring to simmer. Add hemp milk and simmer until it thickens. About 10-12 minutes.

From our farm table to yours, enjoy!

Thanks for asking for me to share this recipe via our IG @thewhitebarnfarm. I hope this serves you and your family well. If I can do it, you can too! Really. I promise. Try it.



*original recipes were from my friend on IG @tericatherine and website http://www.yourhomebasedmom. I tweaked them here and there to fit our family needs, but Teri was my inspiration. 

Farmhouse Friday


Welcome to Farmhouse Friday! This is a snippet of our dining table center piece. I love this view for several reasons:

*These natural wood beads with the word ‘blessed’ stamped on each end are a blunt statement of our truth. We are blessed. Every time we sit at this table as a family we are reminded, we are blessed. Even when the day has been long and wearisome (because let’s face it, there are those days/weeks/seasons!) we can find something to be thankful for. Always. And for this we are forever blessed. It just takes intention to fix our focus. These beads help us do just that. Words are powerful. Use them wisely throughout your home. Both in audible voice and in visual decor.

*The tarnished fork was a birthday gift from my dear sister-in-law this year. Its simple, yet adorable presence on our table is so welcomed. It makes my heart happy. I love it tucked into the twine of an old book and tied with a bow around its neck. Check your local antique shops for old silverware. You may not trust to eat off of old tarnished silverware, but they make for super cute decor!

*The greenery surrounding a white vase full of fresh flowers. Need I say more, I think not. You get me.

*The rustic wooden box. Everything sits atop an old weathered box. It helps give distinctive height and varied texture. Again, here is an example of adding some natural wood with other elements in your home to give you that rustic farmhouse look. It is so inviting.

I hope this inspires you to try some of these ideas in your own home or feel free to spin off any of these Farmhouse Friday posts to utilize the look that’s YOU. Remember your home is uniquely yours. That is a beautiful thing. Embrace it, and you’ll discover how to love your home and the people who enter. It’s then we can continue to flourish in our heart and home.

Until next time, bless your home.


Our Local- The Gilded Lilly Home


This month The White Barn Farm is featuring  The Gilded Lilly. Located at 2 North Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801 The Gilded Lilly Home has been owned by Dr. Ball for the past 18 years. He is a dentist in town, yet also has a deep passion for his shop on the Avenue and online as well.  The Gilded Lilly Home is full of beautiful decor for your home and stylish apparel for women and children. Some of the items the shop includes are table linens, light fixtures, dining furniture, hutches, cooking seasonings, and a variety of kitchen items. Plus a children’s section. Swing on in to browse this gorgeously displayed gift shop. Or search online from the comfort of your home. Either way I am confident you will have a delightful time shopping. I’ve featured some of the items via the following pictures as I strolled through this month. Take in mind that I just have my phone for pictures so the quality of images are top notch, but you get the idea. Obviously the best resource will be for you to go see for yourself! After all, that’s what our monthly ‘Our Local’ features are all about… getting you informed of all our dear hometown has to offer. Get out and shop local my friends.

Take a ‘scroll’ through the pictures and see for yourself…wow, I mean wow, dreamy right!?























I know…hurry, make your way there for your next gift you need to buy. There’s something for just about everyone.

Or just go find something special for yourself. Like I did with this “Today’s special” platter and “Farm to Fork” serving fork. How fitting, right! I love it.


Shop local. It feels good.

Farmhouse Friday


A farmhouse with wood paddle cutting boards go hand in hand in my opinion. The majority of our kitchen is white. White cabinets with classic white subway tile. If you know me much, that’s no surprise. Wink. I do love me some white goodness. A lot. Yet, I also love having the added warmth of some natural wood scattered throughout. You may ask, so how does that work? Well, one of the main ways I do this is with these oversized paddle cutting boards. They are functional and beautiful. Win and win. Honestly, natural wood looks lovely in a home full of warm colors as well. So whether you’re a white lover or into warmer tones try adding these pieces to your kitchen collection. I think you’ll find them to give just the right amount of natural beauty the space needs. Thanks for coming by The White Barn Farm weekly “Farmhouse Friday.” See you next week!


A Mac Fam Favorite-“Energy Bites”


Do you ever just need a little extra boost of energy part way through the day? Or how about an idea for a healthy snack to offer your kids when you’re on the go? Or what about a quick, fulfilling snack for yourself once the kids are in bed and you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to eat that 1/2 gallon of ice-cream…again? Well here’s the snack for you! It’s a favorite around these here parts.

“Energy Bites” or as my husband calls them. “Energy Balls”, but I just couldn’t get myself posting that at the top of my blog for some reason. Lol. And now I just made it more awkward I’m sure. Okay moving on, here ya go… try them, they are so good! You can’t go wrong with what you mix together as long as you keep the main binding ingredients. (binding; meaning that which holds the balls together: I use Applesauce and Bananas and crunch Adams peanut butter)

Step one-Get your Kitchen Aid ready and then Add the following (NOTE**measurements are approximate- literally I just toss ingredients in and let ‘er fly):

Mac Energy Bites

*Oats  2 cups

*Flaxseed 3 T

*Peanut butter 1/2 C

*2 mashed bananas

*Applesauce 1/2 C (we usually have those squeezable apple sauce pouches from costco so I have the kids squeeze in 1-2 of those. Easy!)

* Raisins 1 C

*Protein powder (we use chocolate organic plant based protein from Costco)

*Powdered Peanut Butter (optional- we get this from Costco as well. They like us there)

*Pure maple syrup 2T (sweetens- optional)

*Honey 2 T (sweetens-optional)

*Chocolate chips (optional; Warning! okay, so this changes the “healthy” part a bit)

Mix all ingredients in Kitchen Aid until it’s a thick dough.  Add a splash of water if additional binding needs to happen. You want the balls to stick together. I then lay out parchment paper and put bite size portions on it. We gobble up at least a 1/2 dozen right off the bat and then I freeze or refrigerate the rest to grab when needed. Yum! Give it a try and let me know what you think.


ReFresh and ReNew Tablescape 101


Today we will look at how I’ve re-used a dying flower arrangement in order to salvage the greenery into something lovely again. A reFreshed and reNewed tablescape just for you! Someone recently commented on our Instagram @thewhitebarnfarm, “I am so intimidated by putting together a tablescape. I just have no idea where to start.” I am so glad she said that because now I can hopefully help ease any of your uneasiness! There are just a few basics you need to make for a simple, lovely table setting.

1.Fresh or faux flowers/greens. Eek, take a look at this “used to be beautiful arrangement”…



You can see the flowers have lived their last, but the greenery still looks fresh. Lesson: Don’t throw out the entire arrangement when you see wilting flowers. There is still a lot more life to enjoy in the days ahead! The greenery fillers will most always out-live the flowers.

Here is the greenery I salvaged… Doesn’t it look so lovely once set apart from the dead?!


2. Center Pieces: Gather a few items to be at the center of your table. Add greenery to those items as shown here…


Old books are fabulous household decor. Whenever I am at a yard sale, thrift shop, or antiquing I like to keep my eyes peeled for books to use as decor. They add such beautiful layers to any space. Wrap a couple with twine and then add the greenery on top. Also, a simple vase looks perfect with an added splash of greenery.


3. Cloth Napkins and Napkin rings. We love the simple classic look of white with a polished nickel ring. Cloth napkins give a subtle ‘fancy’ feel to the table without much effort at all. You can find all sorts of napkin patterns to suit your preferences. I have two sets that I rotate through while one is in the wash. Here are ours…


4. Chargers under the plates. I have a few sets of chargers to use at our table depending on the mood I am in for the specific season of the year we are in. Or mood for the week for that matter! Confession, I tend to change them out quite often. I found these metal cream, delicate scalloped edged chargers for sale at a bakery, of all places, while on vacation before we owned a home. Who would think, right!? As soon as I saw them, I knew I would love setting a table with their sweet little selves. And now that we have a home of our own, I sure do love them. Aren’t they adorable?…


5. Table runner or table cloth. For our table, I like to see the contrast in the color of our dark stained wood table and white farmhouse style. Therefore, I love to use light toned table runners. In fact, this one is a matching set with our napkins. Both are from Pier1 imports…


6. Candles. Okay, you guys, this is a must. The warm flickering of a candle will welcome the guests beautifully. Now, as I say ‘guests’ I am meaning all those who eat at your table. Indeed, even family. And remember, we are family if six. So four kids eat by candlelight. And they LOVE it! Every night we gather around this table, light our candles, and enjoy a meal and conversation together. It’s simple. It’s special. It’s beautiful.


Tall candle sticks are at our table now, but I have also use candles in a jar at times. It’s the warm glow that makes all the difference. So you can use anything. Even a few tea-lights will suffice! I promise you and your family will grow to love it.

7. Drinkware. Our main drink-ware are wide mouth mason jars. They are sturdy, inexpensive, and great to have with kids. For our ‘special’ occasions we use stemmed glassware. As shown below, they are adorable and very pretty, but they are not used everyday. It’s fun to have a special set of glasses to use when there is something or someone special to celebrate. We have a couple birthdays this week so out they came…


That’s all my friends. You can see it doesn’t take a whole lot to reFresh and reNew in order to put together a lovely tablescape. With a few basics on hand you too can make a beautiful place to share meals together. Let me know if you have more questions about anything I’ve said today or if you think of anything else you’d like to hear about.


It’s always a pleasure to come along side of you as we all seek to flourish in the heart and home.







Farmhouse Friday


Welcome friends! Farmhouse Friday is here again, so the weekend is nearly here. Can I get a woot woot! Today’s share is a look into one of our walls in the office. We call it our ‘office’ but in reality it is our multipurpose room with a piano, my sewing supplies, books, and this cozy sitting area. Aren’t those crates, “Useful Junk, old & new, Antiques” amazing? I’ve had them a couple years and they are still some of my favorites. Crates are a fantastic way to hide miscellaneous items. To be honest, I can’t even remember what is in those things. I better go take a look and see what treasure I stashed in there! The set of chairs are from Target. The footstool is from Decor Steals. The vintage window was a DIY with a vinyl print, and then I added knobs at the base for when it is hung. Lastly, the wall vases were a gift from an IG friend last month from Magnolia Home. Love me some jojo!